Theory Design

Make Digital Innovation Strategy Work

How to avoid common pitfalls, and execute brilliantly.

Envious of Competitors

Pitfall #1

Shiny Object Syndrome

When someone on your team has “shiny object syndrome” they’re infatuated with a competitors website, brand, etc… The way we overcome this is with aligning our team around differentiation.

Pitfall #2

Not User-Centered

Another common pitfall, is not being user-centered. We have a tendency to become distracted with achieving our business goals, being business centered, but failing to realize the implications of ignoring our user’s emotions. Using a user persona exercise can galvanize your team around one target persona.

Pitfall #3

Brainstorming Alone

Coming off the weekend with a brilliant idea! Great, but what about your team. Before you go pushing your vision on your team, you’ve got to enlist their buy-in first. Synthesize not compromise with your vision. Our exercise helps you do just that!

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